Another win for equality!

The Fair Work Ombudsman recently announced its successful litigation against an employer for racial discrimination against employees.

The employer had been treating two Malaysian employees differently to Australian staff in the form of underpayment of wages, as well as requiring them to perform additional work hours but failing to record them. This different treatment had resulted in over $28,000 in underpayment of wages.

This was the first time Fair Work had taken legal action against an employer for racial discrimination against employees, and the successful litigation saw both the company and the owner operator receive penalties totalling more than $200,000.

This was an important win for equality for employees. There has been significant focus over previous years on ensuring that employees are receiving minimum entitlements from employees, however this win will highlight the importance of ensuring minimum provisions are provided, and for employers to be aware that they are held accountable for treating all workers fairly!

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Melissa Montang