Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System for Quickly Searching for Job Candidates

By having a comprehensive applicant tracking system list, your business managers or HR administrators will be able to greatly reduce the time in finding the perfect people to hire for your company. However, having a good candidate tracking tool that suits your organisations’ needs can make doing so easy once you know what this HR software is for and how it would benefit your establishment.

In essence, applicant tracking software enables the electronic handling of recruitment requirements of organisations, whether you’re running a business, a non-profit organisation or an educational institution. Obviously, the module can be integrated with the human capital or human resource system as well as with other business process and management systems. Basically, the ATS applicant tracking system serves as a central source of information regarding your organisation’s recruitment activities.

An online applicant tracking system is a good investment for your company, especially when your business is in an industry where employee turnover is high or when your organisation is constantly expanding, creating the need to frequently recruit new hires. First of all, potential applicants should be able to submit their credentials or professional information via a user-friendly platform, which will be integrated to your tracking system’s database. That way, you’ll have a pool of available talent that you can access whenever your company is in need of qualified applicants to fill vacant job positions.

Benefits of having a applicant tracking system

One of the benefits of having a candidate tracking system is the ability to find highly qualified job applicants with only a few keystrokes. Whatever the kind of job your company needs to recruit for, your HR administrator can simply type in a few keywords and the system can instantly show potential candidates that fit the search terms. Furthermore, your HR administrator can filter certain factors such as previous employers, skills, schools attended, highest education attained and years of experience in order to find specific candidates.

There are several reasons why your HR administrator should be able to quickly and effortlessly find suitable applicants with the use of candidate tracking system. First, being able to spend minimal time in finding potential candidates allow your HR administrators to focus more on important things like the welfare and training of your workforce as well as the direction your company is headed in terms of performance management and employee engagement. Secondly, your administrators will be able to beat your competitors in attracting and hiring the best candidates available in the labour market. This is especially important when you’re in a saturated industry where job applicants may be rare or where companies have high employee turnover.

The best applicant tracking system for small business and even for global enterprises are those with the capability to integrate with various business management systems as well as online portals like company websites and job boards. With a good system in place, your HR administrators don’t have to multitask with emails, social media, spreadsheets and job hunting websites when recruiting new employees. The system will serve as a central location to perform most, if not all, of the recruitment requirements of the company.

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