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7 Steps to Setting Up Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

First, let’s talk about what a Google My Business page is.

A Google My Business (GMB) page is simply a business listing that shows up in Google when your customers search for your business name e.g. “Businessary” or when they search for services that you provide within your local area e.g. “Human Resource Consulting”.

Your GMB page will display relevant information like your address, trading hours and phone number as well as a place for customer reviews, questions and suggestions.

If you’re an online business owner, have a physical store or operate within a service area as a mobile agent you should be using Google My Business to help promote your business and attract new customers. It’s not only a free platform, but it will also help your business to show up in front of potential customers when they are searching on Google for a product or service you offer.

You can also use GMB to engage with your current and potential customers and prospects and gain further exposure by posting regular updates and information they need to make a purchase decision. You can send customers directly to your website through a post, blog or “marketing hook” to learn more about information or special offers. If you would like to start engaging with your customers you can download a FREE content plan here to help you get started.

But for now, let’s get back to setting up your GMB page first.

 7 Easy Steps to Setting up your Google Business Page!


Start by signing up to Google Business via this link

1. Sign into your Google Account OR Sign up if you don’t already have one

Just click on the green start now button if you already have a Google account OR select sign in if you don’t already have an account with Google.

2. Enter your business name – click next

3. Enter your full business address – click next

Google will need this information to be accurate when they sent you the verification postcard (which you will read about in steps 6 and 7)

4. Select your business category – click next

5. Enter your business phone number and website address – click next

If you don’t have a website you don’t need to enter one but if you would like to enquire about one click here

6. Request a postcard verification – click continue

Google will now post you a postcard to the address you provided earlier in about 5-10 business days. Keep an eye out for this in your mailbox.

7. Verify your business on Google

Once you receive the postcard you will need to log back into your Google My Business account here go to your listing and enter the 6-digit code to activate your listing. Your listing will only go live on Google once you have verified your listing.

Get assistance in setting up your Google My Business site

**NEW SERVICE** Don’t have the time or patience to set up your own GMB? Let Businessary take care of it for you for just $99+GST! We can take the hassle out of it for you.

If you need to talk to a marketing consultant to help you with setting up your listing give us a call today on (03) 9662 9900 or claim 30 mins of FREE marketing advice.

How to Build a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

Is Google Adwords Right For Your Business?

Determining if Google AdWords is going to be right for your business is the first step to growing your business online. Knowing how to run a successful AdWords campaign would be the next step.

So, if you have already contacted an AdWords consultant in Melbourne and established that Google AdWords is the right fit for your business then you can start mapping out your plan today. If you’re still not quite sure and you’d like to find out, you can get a FREE consultation from one of our AdWords Consultants in Melbourne

Here’s our guide on how you can set-up a successful Google AdWords campaign.

  1. Establish your goals & select your keywords

A goal for your business for example might be to grow your sales to $1,000,000 or generate brand awareness for a new service offering. Regardless, the best tools to find out what level of demand there will be is to use Google Keyword planner that you will be able to find selected keywords that will attract buyers and generate revenue for your business.

In addition, you’ll need to understand the keywords you want to use and whether they are the right keywords that are going to drive business for you or not. Ways to check the relevance of keywords include doing a manual search in Google and see what businesses come up in the ads and more importantly the organic section of Google.

  1. Audit your website to for conversions

You may need to buy a new website all together if your website is poorly optimised and constructed. Everything from the content on the page, URL structures, main headiness right through to the appropriate use of call to actions. Make sure that your ads are going to match the landing page you are going to send them too. Loads of businesses lose a lot of money on AdWords due to poorly optimised websites.

  1. Selecting your target locations

Using the advanced settings in Google AdWords, make sure you are setting up your locations(s) correctly. If you are targeting Australia vs specific parts of Australia not its entirety,  e.g. you may be national company but want to exclude the rural and less populated areas of Australia.

If you are targeting capital cities, you can select by radius or on a postcode basis. Both options are different and will also have an effect on your campaign results.

  1. Campaign vs. an ad group

Firstly, you need to identify what campaign type is the right one for your business, as there are now many options including search network, search network with display, display network only, shopping or video. In addition, you’ll need to decide if you are wanting to create a brand-new campaign or just ad an ad group to an existing campaign.

Setting out your business goals at the start will enable you to map out a plan at the beginning rather than having to re-evaluate later on.

You may decide to create a unique campaign for each city or a new campaign for each different service offering. Each method has its pros and cons.

  1. Research

Before drafting your own ads, do your research first and have a look at what your competitors are doing, even start a file to store your competitor’s ads if you find this useful to remember and refer back to later.

This shouldn’t be used so that you can ‘copy’ their ads but more so you know what other people are offering or special offers that might be on the marketing a working well to help get some ideas flowing.

We strongly advise you to come up with a value proposition for your prospects which is going to entice them to take action when landing on your page. Driving traffic but not leads is only useful for branding exercises, which have no clear monetary goal (e.g. engagement campaigns).

  1. Ad-Copy

Great content gets the clicks, great website gets the converts!

Have a think about what your customers’ real problems are and how you can solve them. If you’re not sure of what a great offer would be you may need to have a chat to a sales professional or your top sales person and find out what your customers’ problems are to help you come up with an offer.

Split testing offers can also be helpful if you’re not sure which offer is going to work; however, this will be dependent on your AdWords budget. We wouldn’t be recommending split testing on budgets less than $500/month.

Want to know more?

In creating a successful Google AdWords campaign there are many more elements to consider, however the purpose of this blog is to help you get started. For any deeper knowledge on starting your Google AdWords campaign we recommend that you contact a Google AdWords consultant to get you started. Or call Businessary on (03) 9662 9900 for a free consultation.

Top 6 Reasons You Need To Be Investing In SEO

Understanding the basis of what search engine optimisation is, or SEO, will set the stage for you determining whether or not it’s something your business should be investing in, what’s the importance and what you should know about SEO as a digital marketing channel. We’ve put together 6 things you should know about investing in SEO.

Top 6 reasons you should be consistently investing in SEO.


6. Get FREE website traffic

Once you’ve had an SEO expert look over your business, website and online marketing strategy they will be able to determine the best keywords for you to target based on the outcomes you are trying to achieve, ranking in the organic section of Google is free which means it does not cost you any money when a customer clicks on your listing. This makes SEO much more cost efficient over time.

5. Target customers that are READY TO BUY

Google is the largest search engine in the world and is the most used search engine for customers looking for relevant and local businesses. It’s a place where people go to search for products and services when they are ready to buy. This means you can optimise your website to show up for the search terms that are more relevant to your business.

4. 94% of Australians use Google when they are looking for a product or service

So, if you are not ranking on page #1 of Google you are almost invisible to majority of your market. Only 2% of people click through to the second page of Google, so its imperative to be pulling out all the stops to get you ranking as high as possible.

3. Cheaper leads

For most businesses if they target the right keywords then over time SEO will generate the cheapest leads compared to any other digital marketing channel.

2. 70% of people click on the SEO listings

Compared to that of 30% of customers who click on Google Adwords. Why? Because ranking on page #1 in the organic section of Google makes you more credible and trustworthy. More tend to be sceptical when they see an ad as opposed to a ‘genuine’ listing as ranked by Google.

1. SEO is like wine, it gets better with age

Once you stop, your competitors will eventually outrank you.  SEO is an ongoing investment and is something that only gets better and cheaper with age! If you want your garden to bloom, keep watering it!

If you are still unsure if you should put your marketing dollars into SEO or if it’s the right move for your business feel free to contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Google Adwords

Have you ever liked the idea of running some Google Adwords but never really know whether you should or if it will work? Here 4 reasons why you should be using Google Adwords, the leading platform for search engine marketing (SEM).

1. Get to Page #1 FAST with Google Adwords

If you are eager to get onto page #1 then Google Adwords is the best way to do it.  You can have a campaign ready to go in just minutes. You make want to speak directly with a Google Adwords consultant Melbourne on how to get to page #1 using Google ads

2. Target customers that are READY TO BUY

Google Adwords is a way to reach the top of Google fast and you can select which keywords you would like to bid on in order to be on page #1 for. This means you can target people who are specifically looking for a service that you offer. Make sure you have done thorough research into which keywords have buyer intention and which keywords are just simply used for general search.

3. Featured at the TOP of Google Results

Google allows the Adwords to be featured at the top of the page which means Ads get featured higher than the organic listings for greater visibility.

4. Retarget Customers

Google Adwords has the added functionality to be able to create marketing lists to segment your website traffic into different categories based on their interests, you can then use these lists retarget them with specific ads for whatever service or product they were viewing on your website. If your customers did not convert the first time then this is the best way to retarget them and get them to  come back.

If you are still unsure if you should put your marketing dollars into SEM or if it’s the right move for your business, feel free to contact us today and scheduled a free consultation.

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4 Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Australia. With over 16 Million active users to date, it’s no wonder it’s a highly sought after digital marketing channel for businesses wanting to advertise their services on. Here’s the 4 major benefits of using Facebook Ads to generate leads for your business.

1. Highly effective targeting options

Facebook targeting is so refined it can now and it just keeps getting better, it’s a great platform for lead generation and to put you in front of customers who have never heard of you before by targeting you based on demographics, age, job, marital status, pages you’ve liked and much more.

2. Ad Creation Options

There are a multitude of Ad options, anything from ‘learn more’ campaigns, to ‘sign up’, to ‘app install’ campaigns, from linking you to an online shop. You have full capability to select your target market or interest group and then select the action you want them to take whether its getting them to know you through and engagement campaign or direct sale and leads through a conversion option.

3. It’s Instant

Similar to Google Adwords, Facebook ads can also be up and running in a matter of minutes (subject to Facebook approval of course) which means you can be getting website traffic and potentially leads very FAST!

4. Retargeting Options

Facebook has a Facebook pixel which you can place on your website to capture and create marketing lists for future retargeting. You can even create lookalike audiences based off your current website traffic, email and Instagram lists, which means you are able to target new customers based on your existing customer database behaviours. This means we can be a lot smarter with our marketing dollars and you get better results when you use targeted lists and lookalike audiences than if you were targeting just based on interests and demographics.

If you are still unsure if you should put your marketing dollars into a Facebook campaign or if it’s the right move for your business, feel free to contact us today and scheduled a free consultation.

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5 reasons you need digital marketing to help you grow your business

Why do you need digital marketing?

So many businesses are still leveraging the same old marketing tactics and expecting different results. Perhaps you’re not sure why you should bother with it, why your business might need digital marketing solutions. But over 90% of shoppers researching or purchasing their goods and services online, you’re taking a pretty big risk to ignore your digital audience.

It’s not the silver bullet to all of your hopes and dreams for business growth, but you do need digital marketing to support your overall marketing strategy – read on to find out why.

5. Your audience is online – and growing

We can Google astonishing statistics but ultimately more than 90% of people use a search engine to research products and services (or to purchase online), and more than 80% of people participate in social media.

4. It’s flexible and fast

Make an error in printed marketing? Most times you’re out of luck, friend. Want to jump onto an emerging trend with a special offer? Enjoy your lead times. But with digital marketing, you can quickly come up with engaging and targeted content and copy, beautiful images, and then get your ad seen by your ideal audience. Not quite right? That’s ok, most digital marketing ads can be edited, or paused and restarted once you’ve corrected the issue.

3. It’s affordable

Digital marketing results can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing like radio, TV and print ads.

2. It’s targeted

And you’re also not paying to advertise to the wrong audience – unlike with digital marketing where you can specify your target audience by a huge range of factors, interests and demographics.

1. It’s measurable

You can track how your digital campaigns perform in real time and work to make changes to optimise your results and return on investment. It’s very rare in any other kind of business development or traditional marketing that you can see direct results from your marketing activity.

To learn more about out Digital Marketing Services please select your topic

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6 reasons you should use Google AdWords

Two of our Businessary colleagues recently attended (and got their certification at) the Google AdWords Partner Bootcamp in Melbourne, so while the information is fresh, we thought we’d share six reasons we think you (whether you’re a big business or a little one) should consider using Google AdWords.

PREFACE: Let’s be clear, though – jumping right into doing a huge Google AdWords campaign isn’t necessarily the right next step in your digital marketing strategy. We have clients that are very near the beginning of making their digital footprint so we only occasionally or minimally introduce AdWords into the plan until we have some of our website and social media fundamental platforms in place and working so that we can do a fully integrated campaign.

PREFACE, PREFACE: In our view it’s also necessary to have your digital marketing strategy in place before you spend time and money on search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC). Being clear about your target audience (who are they, where are they, what time do you anticipate their search) and your products or services (how much do they cost, what’s your margin, what’s your point of difference) is going to be vital to the success of any AdWords campaign (or to the success of your business as a whole, in my opinion.)

Ok, so we’re now going to assume you’ve got a website, social media channels, and a good strategy in place! Here’s our top six reasons you should consider using Google AdWords:

  1. You can get big budget results, without a big budget! There’s few other advertising opportunities that let you set a very small budget (i.e. $70 per month) and be able to pause or change your ads at any time. It’s an inexpensive way to dip your toes into SEM and measure your return on investment.
  2. Speaking of measuring…what gets measured, gets done, as they say. There’s no clearer way of measuring your impressions, clicks, conversion rates and overall return on your investment than SEM. Make sure to be specific and realistic in what you’re trying to achieve. Ensure also that what you’re willing to spend on AdWords is proportionate to the cost of your product or service and your margins – if you are running on low margins you don’t want to end up losing money on each click! But perhaps you have a very new brand and you’re running an awareness campaign, in which case you will be happy to invest some dollars to get your impressions up.
  3. Get the most out of your website – be found. We’ve seen a lot of clients spend good time and money building an amazing website, but it can take days, weeks or months to begin to improve their organic search results and ranking. Putting together a savvy Google AdWords campaign can help jumpstart your new (or lagging) website so it begins to perform.
  4. Reach your targeted audience. Don’t waste money on clicks from people who are well outside your target audience. If you know the demographic that your product or service suits (or is best suited for), you can be as specific and tailored as possible to avoid unnecessary spend.
  5. Reach your targeted geography. This is helpful for my clients that only service customers within a range of 300 kilometres or so. There’s no need to pay for clicks from locations that you don’t service. Plus if you can be more geographically targeted, you’re likely to be competing against fewer and lesser bids (translation: you’ll save money and get better results).
  6. Test your calls to action. Not sure which of your keywords, bid amounts or placements is making the biggest impact? In Google AdWords you can run campaign experiments to find out! This can be great if you’re new to AdWords or if you’re stuck in a rut and not sure which element of your ad to change – for low risk and little to no increased investment you can essentially do an AB test with your ad and find out for sure.
Google AdWords Partner Academy, Annabel Rees, Melissa Montang, Businessary
Businessary’s Annabel Rees and Melissa Montang recently completed a two day Google AdWords bootcamp.

This of course isn’t the ‘be all end all’ list about whether you should kick of your Google AdWords campaign or not, but if a few of the reasons listed above pique your interest, let us know!

Businessary can help you weigh up the pros and cons for your business, and even provide you a tailored quote for us to manage your campaign.

Click here to contact us for more information or if you have other digital marketing questions.

SPECIAL BUSINESSARY OFFER: You’ve made it to the bottom of the article so you might be thinking Google AdWords could help boost your digital marketing results. Good news, friend.

Businessary is offering ONE MONTH FREE AdWords management (up to three ads) if you want to run a test. You’ll still need to pay the cost of the ad (min$70 per month per ad).  Simple call a Adwords consultant on 03 9662 9900 to talk about your potential ads.

You don’t need a special code, but they’re kind of fun so if you’d like to use one it’s #AdGrad16.