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Webinar: Not just another EVP or Candidate Experience event! 

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and flybuys: two brands, both well-known and punching above their weight in the talent space. 

On 10 September 2020, Businessary and PageUp were proud to host a webinar showcasing Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and flybuys – two great brands at different stages in transforming the way they hire, leveraging a strong employer brand for greater business performance and creating an amazing candidate experience.

This webinar was targeted towards talent acquisition, employer branding, human resources or customer marketing, so if you missed this event, or want to share it with a colleague, a recording is available below. 

If you want to check out the video in bite-size pieces, this will help: 

  • Introduction to the Businessary, PageUp and the panel: 0 – 4.50 mins
  • The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Story: 5 – 35 mins
  • The flybuys story: 36 – 59 mins
  • Q&A: 60 mins

The challenge

You’ll hear from Chelsea Harris, Recruitment Manager at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank who took on the challenge of creating the bank’s very first employer brand guidelines. Chelsea will share why they are having a phased approach to their EVP plan and discuss why outside help was key to its success. You will also hear how the bank’s EVP is starting to be brought to life using PageUp’s new Recruitment Marketing technology, and the role Businessary played in building those core EVP themes.

The collaboration

Rosemary Martin, Chief Customer Experience Officer and Edan Haddock, Senior Manager Talent and People Development from flybuys will tell you about their collaboration between talent acquisition and marketing, and how they learnt that their member and candidate experiences are critically linked.

Case studies style

Rather than tell you how you could do it, the format for the event will be showcase how it was done with real case studies. These stories will appeal to a broad audience regardless of whether you are in banking or retail, the lessons learnt can be applied to every business, regardless of industry. Most businesses have a strategy that articulates how their product or services solves a problem, what benefits customers can expect, and why customers should trust them. A candidate’s expectation is their experience should be no different.

The presenters:


Chelsea Harris
Recruitment Manager

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank


Rosemary Martin
Chief Customer Experience Officer



Edan Haddock
Senior Manager, Talent and People Development


The hosts:

20190716 Businessary Jason 54017_LR

Annabel Rees
Managing Director and CEO


20190716 Businessary Jason 53993_LR

Jason Burns
Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding


Fiona Moreton

Fiona Moreton
VP Recruitment Marketing

This event was hosted by Businessary

Businessary is the little house that delivers big.

Businessary is the expert in talent acquisition, employer brand and EVP – our team in this specialist division have sat in the chair holding global talent lead roles of ASX 100 brands and now bring this expertise to the market.

Why you need an EVP and employer brand

If you compete for talent, then defining and communicating your unique employer brand and value proposition is critical. An employer value proposition (EVP) articulates what your business stands for and why someone would want to join or stay. With a clearly defined EVP you can translate this into an employer brand. This will give you the tools to communicate both internally and externally and be closer to becoming a leading employer of choice. Businesses with a unique EVP compete and attract talent significantly better than those with weaker talent brands. It allows smaller businesses to punch above their weight and larger organisations to compete for quality talent at scale.

Our approach

Businessary has a four-stage process to take you from a blank page to a living EVP in less than 3 months. Our experts will walk you through from the very beginning discovery phase, all the way through to design and execution. We will help you bring your EVP to life and show you how this can make an immediate impact in your business.

Contact us

Even if you’re not sure where to start, or worried that you don’t have the budget to do this now, contact us for a free initial consultation and we can provide a brief audit of your current position, our initial recommendations and expected cost to help you get more comfortable with the road ahead.

This event was a partnership with PageUp

At PageUp, we take pride in revolutionising the way companies attract, nurture and convert high quality talent into leads and successful hires both externally and internally.

PageUp has an ‘out of the box’ solution that allows recruitment teams to do more with less effort, delivering high quality candidate experiences from first engagement, right through to application. It combines intelligent careers sites with an easy to use content management system, marketing automation for nurture campaign communications and workflows and candidate relationship management tools to build critical talent pipelines. Underpinned by industry-leading marketing analytics that delivers actionable insights into which channels, content, and talent networks demonstrate the best return on investment.

With a high customer retention rate with world leading companies and brands globally, our focus is on security, ease of implementation and customer success for companies of all sizes. PageUp Recruitment Marketing seamlessly integrates with many of the world’s most popular cloud-based HR services, and becomes a natural extension of your talent acquisition stack.

Our offices are in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, Dublin and Singapore.

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