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The essential HR toolkits for all policies and procedures

Managing people and keeping up to date with legislative changes takes time and energy, especially if you work in a small or medium sized business. To help you save time and effort, we’ve developed easy-to-use HR toolkits filled with the most common HR policies, forms and templates to form your standard HR manual.

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HR policies and procedures are your insurance policy for employee related issues.  They outline what is expected within your workplace and what happens if an employee breaches these expectations. Without policies, you can find yourself unable to address bad behaviour as you have not set down the expectations in the first place.

Writing policies and ensuring that they are compliant can be a time consuming process. We have taken the time and risk away from you and can provide your business with three levels of HR toolkits. The HR Fundamentals toolkit has everything you need to get started while the HR Lifecycle toolkits offers modules for every phase of the employee lifecycle (recruitment/selection, engagement/ retention, managing performance, talent/development, succession and workforce planning). Our specialised modules cover strategy and planning, change management, restructure, recruitment placement, communication, social media, and OHS (health, safety and wellness).

Step 1 – All clients start with the HR Fundamentals toolkit

Step 2 – Add your choice of HR Lifecycle toolkits

Step 3 – Add our specialised modules to meet your business needs.

Each module contains suitable content, templates and tools as well as HR advisory support to make the most of your investment.

Every HR Fundamentals module includes an HR audit and 5 hours of phone advice for ad hoc HR issues – invaluable for personalised advice from someone that knows your business.

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