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How will a popular HRIS System benefit your organisation?

If you are tired of running your people management by spreadsheets or finding that your payroll system isn’t enough, then Businessary “HR Cloud” (HRIS System) is the HR system you have been looking for!

Businessary HRIS System the HR Cloud is tailored for the AUS/NZ market and allows for a single source of truth for your employee profiles with automatic organisational charts, effective leave management, real time analytics of all key HR metrics, and employee self service – including a user friendly app!

How Does a HRIS System Work?

Businessary HR Cloud is fully customisable and can grow with your business – each module can exist on its own, or you can combine the modules for a powerful and interconnected digital HR System.

Modules include integrated workforce planning, with an end to end recruitment platform and seamless onboarding experience for new starters; performance management with team and individual goals, competencies, values and accomplishments all connected to your PDs and role expectations; a business view of your learning and development needs with the ability to build and assign online learning; succession and potential can also be captured for true workforce planning; engagement surveys with auto reporting and pulse checks allows for you to own your employee engagement and so much more!

“Our purpose is to help businesses find a clear path to optimal business performance. Businessary has a depth of knowledge and resources in contemporary HR practices which we provide our clients, and we can see a fantastic synergy in coupling our experience with the Microimage solution to offer our clients and other organisations an HR system solution that is user friendly, intuitive, and easily customised.
“Our smaller clients will benefit from accessing a preconfigured HRM solution previously unobtainable due to pricing and customisation costs. Businessary’s point of difference is driven from our multidisciplinary team using tight project management discipline, combined with our tech savvy HR and change professionals – a unique combination to take care of the all the account management, change management, customisation, documentation and training that results in a rapid deployment and seamless implementation. From our initial conversation with interested organisations, it’s clear that this is a compelling offer that will give our clients a competitive advantage.”

Annabel Rees, Managing Director (Businessary)

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Making Business Processes More Convenient with HRIS Systems

Whether you’re a small, medium or large company, having quality human resources information systems or HRIS systems can provide a variety of benefits to the organisation. Focusing on the core operations of the business is important for any business owner or manager who wants to develop and grow their business. But behind every successful business are some supporting teams that help keep the operations going smoothly each day and ensure that the company is compliant with government regulations, industry standards and other external entities.

Human resource management is one of the major back-end supports that every organisation needs because this aspect of the operations protects the company’s biggest asset: your people. With the help of proper HRIS management and personnel Software, a business owner or manager will have a powerful tool that makes decision-making even faster and more cost-effective without having to deal with trivial matters associated with employee management.

Savvy business leaders often ask what the signs of top HRIS human capital systems are. For one, they should have the relevant features that your company actually needs. For example, if your organisation typically relies on the continuing education of your employees, a system with comprehensive HRIS software training solutions should be what you look for. What good is having one of the popular HRIS systems when you don’t use even at least 10% of its features? Make sure to talk to an HR outsourcing service provider such as Businessary to understand your specific options on human resource information systems.

Common Staff Management Systems generally contain all the basic features that a business will require to manage and monitor their workforce. These features include payroll, reporting, attendance, labour law compliance and leave management. When you’re an entrepreneur with a small business, having good HRIS technology with the basic features will essentially let you handle employee management with minimal effort, thus giving you more time and energy to focus on what matters most to your business growth.

When it comes to HR requirements, you can always opt to have a human resource department within your organisation and hire an experienced HR manager. While this is a feasible option, having an HRIS in your HR department will make your HR manager even more productive by eliminating or minimising the need to handle mundane administrative tasks such as monitoring attendance, employee benefits and record keeping. Instead, they can focus on matters that further help the business grow such as planning for employee training and development.

Choosing a good system is even more important if you have international operations. You’ll want to have a one-stop portal where you can find data and reporting on your workforce wherever you are in the world. But most importantly, the perfect global HRIS systems should be able to handle workforce-related information that differs from one country to another, such as the national and regional public holidays, legal requirements around leave entitlements, time zones and their effects on workforce hours, training and professional licensing requirements, business operation rules, currencies, date formats and many others.

So whether you have a small, local business or a large, international corporation, don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with experienced, dependable HRIS companies such as Businessary. Contact us straight away!

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