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Successful Marketing Communication strategies should tie into your PR and Media Strategy

If you struggle with communications, PR and media? Or find it difficult getting the right message to the right people at the right time is much easier said than done.

The way your company leverages its key messages, both proactively and reactively, can be the difference between a glorious or a gory business reputation.


Do you have an integrated communications strategy and action plan? Does it align to your overall business strategy? What about a channel strategy? Too many business owners assume that their communications are under control until it’s too late and they’ve lost the competitive edge, or their engagement survey indicates that they’ve been inconsistent or neglectful with their internal messaging.

External Communications

internal/external communications, public relations (PR) or media

Internal Communications

Your internal communications are just as important as your external ones, if not more so. Your people are your greatest assets, and they can also be your greatest advocates – if they are engaged and informed!

Public Relations (PR)

Control your messaging, don’t let it control you! Your business should be consistently keeping the public informed about important business news and information, even if some of it is not-such-great-news. Being proactive can build trust and credibility, even if it’s admitting when things haven’t gone to plan and letting people know what your business is going to do about it.


Have you got a good network of known and trusted journalists that you can go to in order to help distribute your media releases? Have you got strong capability to help coach your leaders and subject matter experts on how to respond to media queries? Do you have regular reporting and analysis of your media coverage? Businessary can help organise media training and help put in place a framework so that your business is comfortable with both outgoing and incoming media interactions.

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