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For businesses large and small, we often find that marketing is misunderstood, seen as a ‘nice to have’ or procrastinated until the business has ‘more time’ (never happens, does it?) Getting marketing advice and consulting services could be just the ticket to get your business’ marketing strategy and action plan on track! After all, marketing can drive the growth and sustainability of your business!

When to get Marketing Advice and Consulting Support

There are three scenarios below that might indicate that you could use marketing advice and consulting.

  1. I’m a new business! For those that are just starting out, this is the perfect time to get marketing advice and consulting – you can get started with a great marketing strategy to give you the peace of mind that you’re giving your start up business its best chance to get up and go. Or perhaps you’ve done your own version of a marketing strategy and action plan, and you just want to get a couple of hours of advice to sense check your plans.
  2. I thought I had marketing covered but our return on investment isn’t very good! Sometimes with your own business you can be too close or emotionally invested to see where you might have gone off course. Getting an unbiased party to provide you with an audit, analysis and recommendations for anything from your marketing strategy to your website or social media channels could save you hours (and thousands of dollars) worth of heartache.
  3. My business is growing, I don’t need to do anything differently with my marketing! Maybe not. Or maybe your complacency could be your demise (just ask Kodak). Think about it – people are encouraged these days to get preventative health checks (going to the doctor before anything is wrong) to improve their health and mitigate any early signs of risk. Treat your business the same, and get an expert to give you a thorough check up. Getting a fresh perspective on your marketing will either give you new ideas or at least spark discussion that could lead to innovation. Or at the very least it will give you confidence that you have a robust marketing approach for your business, and have likely just created a new business advocate (most marketing consultants, or at least ours, become very enthusiastic supporters of the clients we work with.)

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