Leave Management System

Ensure Accuracy and Compliance with a Leave Management System

A leave management system is an important module in your human resource management system. In fact, the monitoring and control of employee leave may be the simplest HR function, but it is also the most crucial and most time consuming for HR administrators. When it comes to handling leave, HR team must ensure that the number of employees working at any time will be sufficient to handle business operations. At the same time, they also need to make sure that they are compliant with all relevant legislation when it comes to providing paid leave to employees. And most importantly, they have to ensure that an appropriate number of leave days are provided in order to maintain employee satisfaction. With all these factors to consider, your HR team can boost their efficiency and hasten their decision making when you implement a quality employee leave management system in the organisation, especially one that is accessible online.

But how can an online leave management system function in your organisation? How can it increase the productivity and efficiency of your HR administrators?

Generally, your HR manager or team can spend a considerable amount of time when manually handling and processing employee leave applications. Aside from being time-consuming, the human element of the process is also not guaranteed to be error-free. With an e leave management system, processing leave applications becomes automated. Through self-service intranet portals or mobile access, employees will be able to view their leave benefits as well as make their requests through the leave application system. Managers, on the other hand, can quickly and easily access information on the employees’ leave balances in real time. Coupled with their own business management system, the managers will be able to make well-informed decision regarding the current leave applications in relation to work schedules. The database for unapproved, approved and pending leave applications is automatically updated for recordkeeping, allowing HR administrators to free up their time for more important things.

Legal compliance on labour matters is also ensured when you have an automated and comprehensive HR leave management system. You’ll need to make sure that your company adheres to its legislative obligations, and having an annual leave management system can guarantee that each employee is provided with at least the minimum number of paid leave each year as mandated by law. Furthermore, a leave tracker can also be valuable especially when an employee has exhausted his or her paid leave or has excessive absences. With the system’s automated recordkeeping, the HR team won’t have to spend a lot of time collating relevant employee information to be used as basis for discussion and evaluation to make fair decisions especially when legality is involved.

With an efficient online leave application system, your company can greatly reduce the paperwork of manually handling leave requests and managing records. A paperwork-based management system can’t guarantee error-free processing. It’s also a time-consuming process especially when collating the information needed for decision making. With the online system, your database in the leave application management system will serve as a central source of employee leave information including bereavement, sick leave, vacation, extended leave, holidays and maternity/paternity/parental leave.

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