Outplacement services and redundancy support

Organisational change, restructures and redundancy are unfortunately a business necessity, but providing a supported exit with career transition assistance is often the right option.

Businessary provides tailored outplacement services and redundancy support to help ensure your team has a supported exit and as smooth of a career transition as possible, with access to both one on one advice and a user-friendly online platform to help your employees either prepare in advance for changing careers or to provide them with a supportive exit through these turbulent times.

Outplacement services and redundancy support – how we can help

Are you looking for outplacement services and redundancy support? You’re not alone – it’s a difficult time for many businesses. As a result, some leaders are making changes to better position their business for the future. Equally, they want to do the right thing by their people and provide support.

Hence, we provide specialist advice on:

  • Personal networking strategies
  • Tailoring your resume
  • Working with recruiters and search firms
  • Interview preparation
  • LinkedIn and social media profiling
  • Alternative career options, including self-employment.

Businessary offers a range of outplacement solutions that meet the changing needs of people exit. Some packages provide 1:1 access and support via remote solutions such as phone, email and zoom/Skype. Also, we offer other solutions which can be self-directed learning.


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Service options

There are a number of solutions available as listed below. Additionally, please note we’re always happy to discuss your specific needs and budget and can prepare a tailored solution if required.

Outplacement liteOutplacement premiumExecutive outplacementTailored outplacement
Duration1 month3 months6 monthsCustom
Access to online portalYesYesYesCustom
One-on-one sessions35UnlimitedCustom

Outplacement lite

One-month access to the Businessary online portal with career advice modules plus 3 individual 1-hour sessions.

Outplacement / premium

A premium supported redundancy program that includes access to the Businessary online portal, resume and interview advice and support, plus 5 individual 1-hour sessions over a 3 month period.

Executive outplacement

Three months’ transition and unlimited 1:1 support for an executive transitioning out of an organisation, including 6 months access to the online portal.


First of all, before you make a move, why not talk things through with an HR expert? Many times we can help you save time, money, headaches or hassle with a quick call upfront. Certainly, prevention truly is the best medicine. Contact us for a free consultation.

Outplacement services and redundancy support in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and Perth

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t address the current climate of social distancing in the wake of COVID-19. Rest assured we can provide this service remotely, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere in between.

outplacement services and redundancy support