Change management and restructure

Change management and restructure



Restructuring organisations or implementing a significant organisational change is more than just moving roles and titles. A successful or restructure starts with a clear connection between the strategy and future structure, role decisions are made regardless of the current people involved and the change is executed with transparency, clarity and by meeting legislation requirements.

Included in the module:

1) Herrmann team building session

This module includes one HBDI (Herrmann International) team building for leadership session. Individual profiles are an additional $150pp.

2) Change management toolkit includes:

  • Guide – Introduction to change management (includes toolkit on leading self and other through change)

Forms, checklists and templates:

  • Form – Change assessment
  • Form – Change implementation
  • Checklist – ADKAR approach to managing change guide
  • Template – Change implementation plan
  • Template – Change in role letter
  • Template – Change in working conditions letter

3) Restructure toolkit includes:

  • Guide – How to undertake consultation and restructures
  • Consultation presentation template
  • How to restructure ‘right’ – what you can and can’t do advice
  • Advice on best practice exiting staff – meeting legislation, using deeds of release, and managing the cultural impact of an exit
  • How to restructure ‘right’ – what you can and can’t do step by step assistance


  • Template – Deed of release and confidentiality
  • Template – Redundancy – At risk letter
  • Template – Redundancy – Consultation extension letter
  • Template – Redundancy – Consultation meeting checklist
  • Template – Redundancy – Provisional figures
  • Template – Redundancy – Redeployment confirmation
  • Template – Redundancy – Termination letter
  • Template – Redundancy – Payroll leaver cover sheet
  • Template – Redundancy – Company figures for redundancy calculations

Includes 10 hours of tailored change and restructure advice.


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