HR Fundamentals Toolkit


HR Fundamentals Toolkit

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Core starter HR requirements for each business.

Every business requires a core set of HR policies, templates and forms to provide the foundations of a people management solution. Start your Businessary HR solution with the HR Fundamentals toolkit and add additional modules based on your business needs.

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What’s included in the HR Fundamentals Toolkit:

HR policies are procedures are your insurance policy for employee related issues. They outline what is expected within your workplace and what happens if an employee breaches these expectations. Without policies, you can find yourself unable to address bad behaviour as you have not set down the expectations in the first place.

Having a set of HR Policies, procedures and templates will help you have a strong structure and set of rules to ensure you will be able to use to manage your people on a day to day basis. This will ensure the following

  • Your business is meeting basic legal obligations
  • Managers are consistent and enabled to make reliable decisions
  • Has a clear understanding of expectations, rules and consequences
  • All templates and policies provided to you which you can white label and make your own branded policies

Writing policies and ensuring that they are compliant can be a time consuming process, we have taken the time and risk away from you and provided you with everything you need to get started with your HR foundation with a comprehensive list of HR templates you will need to ensure your business is compliant.

In HR Fundamentals you will find a diverse collection of policies, forms and templates that are regularly updated, as well as guides to get you started.


What You Get


  1. Begin with the Introduction to HR guide – how to use HR modules first – this is an overview of how to use HR Fundamentals, an introduction to HR Management, and outlines legislative landscape in Australia.
  2. The HR Manual Checklist outlines the required, essential and possible policies that you can find in a typical HR Manual.
  3. To build your own HR manual, download the HR Manual Contents (Overview & Fair Work Australia requirements), and then insert the policies you need into the chapters provided to build an HR Manual that suit your organisation.

HR Manual Policies:

Policy – Code of conduct
Policy – Workplace behaviour
Policy – Occupational health and safety
Policy – Employee performance and conduct
Policy – Electronic resources and IT use
Policy – Mobile phone and company property
Policy – Grievance
Policy – Social media
Policy – Leave
Policy – Flexible working
Policy – Recruitment
Policy – Termination
Policy – Drug and alcohol
Policy – Mental health and wellbeing
Policy – Whistleblower
Policy – Travel and expense
Policy – Social club
Policy – Corporate social responsibility
Policy – Quality
Policy – Training and development
Policy – Work attire
Policy – Company conflict of interest
Policy – Attendance (New)
Policy – Privacy and security (New)

General HR Forms and Templates:

Form – Counselling notes
Form – Discipline record
Form – Performance improvement plan
Form – Company property – receipt and return
Form – Leave application
Form – Parental leave application
Form – Flexible working application
Form – Job hazard
Form – Hazard report – Risk matrix
Form – OHS walk through checklist
Form – Student placement risk assessment
Form – Protected disclosure consent
Form – Expense claim form (Word)
Form – Social club payroll deduction
Form – Payroll deduction (New)
Template – Parental leave approval letter
Template – Jury duty – Deferment request letter
Template – Extended parental leave – Refusal letter
Template – Extended parental leave – Approval letter
Template – Certificate of service (New)

Pre-employment Documentation:

Template – New hire employment pack essentials checklist
Form – Work rights status
Form – Work rights status (inc NZ)
Form – Employment medical sign off
Form – Pre employment physical examination form
Form – Pre employment medical declaration
Form – Employee details
Form – Bank details

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