Performance, development and talent

Performance, development and talent



Managing performance is widely accepted as the most difficult people management activities for leaders and managers.

This module focuses on best practice in managing performance, training for managers, having difficult conversations and incentives to drive performance.

What’s included in the Performance, development and talent module:

  • Overall presentation – Managing performance guide
  • Policy – Performance management process

Options for performance management:

  • Form – Performance review
  • Form – Balanced scorecard performance review
  • Performance mapping template – a tailored capability based performance review system
  • Guide – How to use the performance mapping process

Templates for managing disciplinary procedures including warning and termination:

  • Template – Performance concern letter – invitation to meeting
  • Template – Performance concern letter – with review period
  • Template – First warning letter
  • Template – Second warning letter
  • Template – Final warning letter
  • Template – Performance and conduct dismissal letter
  • Template – Discipline suspension letter
  • Template – Follow-up suspension letter
  • Template – Outcome letter – No disciplinary action

Managing gross misconduct – if an individual breaches your code of conduct or internal policies in a manner that you believe indicates gross misconduct the process (steps) you take to manage this are crucial, the following documents will assist your process:

  • Template – Gross misconduct – Invitation to disciplinary letter
  • Template – Gross misconduct – Outcome dismissal
  • Template – Gross misconduct – Reschedule invitation letter
  • Template – Gross misconduct – Outcome dismissal non attendance
  • Template – Gross misconduct – Investigation meeting script
  • Template – Gross misconduct – Final reschedule invitation letter

Remuneration and incentives:

  • Template – Compensation review spreadsheet
  • Guide – Using incentives
  • Templates and advice on incentive schemes

Exit interview:

  • Form – Exit interview

Talent and Development:

Developing talent is more than training – it includes identifying who is and who is not talent in your business, developing your talent to take the next step in your business, identifying the right development needs and providing cost effective development solutions to improve your business success.

What’s included in the talent and development:

  • Guide – Talent Management 101 Presentation
  • Template – 9 Box Grid
  • Templates and advice on learning methods and approaches
  • Guides to training budgeting
  • Train the Trainer Presentation skills training
  • Advice on setting up an internal coaching and mentoring programme
  • Advice on annual planning for professional development points


  • Policy – Education Assistance


  • Template – Development Plan
  • Form – Training Attendance Form
  • Form – Training Evaluation
  • Form -Training / Educational Assistance
  • Form – Promotion Nomination (New)

5 hours of tailored advice on managing performance – we will work with you to identify the performance management approach that best suits your business and provide advice and support to maximise this approach.

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