Strategy and planning

Strategy and planning



Taking your business from good to great – start planning your strategy today!

Having a clear strategy is crucial to sustained profitable growth. Successful leaders take time to work on the business not just focussing on being ‘in the business’. Equally important is planning for market changes, loss of key talent or other business risks. Having an expert facilitate these sessions provides an objective view of your business that makes all the difference!

This module includes:

  • Sample 1 day agenda for business strategy and planning session
  • Herrmann International (HBDI) team building framework¬†for the leadership team to improve working together (individual profiles $180+GST)
  • Quarterly strategy review templates for¬†business leaders
  • Practical templates for business plans, budgeting, and meeting agendas
  • Balanced scorecard framework for measuring key performance indicators unique to the business
  • Business wide risk matrix templates to correctly identify and map all current and future risks and the level of impact
  • Communication advice, templates and methods to share the ‘strategy journey’ with your team to build engagement

Includes 2 hours of strategy and future planning advice.

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