Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

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Recruitment seems easy right?! You can put an ad online, wait for the perfect candidate to apply, meet with them and sign them up and get started?!

Unfortunately, the reality for recruiting the perfect new team member can be very different! Unfortunately, where many businesses go wrong is they don’t fully establish what they are needing from a new recruit – you don’t just want anyone, we always recommend:

  1. Be specific about the skills and experience you need (via a position or job description) – this will ensure you hire to meet your needs
  2. Be clear about the culture, values and behaviours you are looking for
  3. Make sure your advertising is attractive – you want to create a compelling ad selling your business, what offer and what is in it for the successful candidate
  4. Hopefully you attract a large pool of potential candidates – make sure you don’t eliminate the wrong ones, and be clear on what you are looking for during this step
  5. Phone interviews – these are short and sharp interviews, usually 15 – 20 minutes to ask a few key questions – at this stage you are simply looking to understand which candidates you want to meet for an in person interview, keeping in mind you can’t meet everyone! Ideally aim for 5 – 7 interviews at this stage.
  6. The interview – using an interview guide is the best way to ensure you don’t get sidetracked or let you biases influence your assessment of the candidate in front of you, it is also helpful to ask all candidates the same questions so you can compare apples to apples!
  7. The short list – at this crucial stage it is helpful to get a second opinion, or meet another member of the team. You may also want to meet with this

We all know that people are a company’s greatest asset… literally they’re your competitive advantage and can set the pace for growth within your company.

Therefore, recruiting the right people for your business is probably one the most important decisions your managers will make in growing your business.

Selecting the right person is more than just skill set – the right person will grow into the role, be an advocate for your business and embody the values and culture you are building.

Get this decision wrong can be expensive – lost time, productivity, underperformance…. All potentially leading to having to recruit all over again, or worse…. a long-protracted performance issue with poetically litigious outcomes.

Businessary knows the importance of getting the right person for your business as well as ensuring a timely, cost effective process.

Recruitment agencies often charge anywhere between 14 – 30% to find you a candidate.

Businessary offers a simple flat fee approach so you know up front how much it will cost.

We also offer a six (6) month guarantee to give you piece of mind that we will not only find the right person for your business, but we will stand behind our service and ensure your business is looked after.

We understand that for many small businesses, the cost of outsourcing recruitment can be difficult.

We can also provide additional resources, templates and support for your business to save you time and resources not only recruiting, but also through the process to get your new employee onboard, such as:

• Position descriptions development
• Online job applications templates
• Interview guides (including panel)
• Interview skills training and coaching
• Psychometric assessment guides and purchase access
• Reference check templates
• Standardised NES employment contracts (FT, PT and casual)

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