SEO Marketing

It’s no secret that the vast majority of Australians are using Google to search for products and services just like yours and this is the #1 reason why businesses are investing in SEO!

There are only two ways to get to page one of Google and that is either

  1. To rank organically (SEO)
  2. Google Adwords (Paid)

SEO, is the more organic and natural way to appear in Googles search results but it is also the most time consuming and lengthy method of getting there, but for those of you prepared to stick it out you will reap the benefits sooner than not. You cannot fast track to progress of SEO you can only delay it and the decision is up to Google to decide which websites are more trusted within the online world. However we can pull out all the stops to get you looking like the most authentic business “according to Google” in town by using best practice SEO techniques to get you ranking higher than your competitors.

So, whats the big deal about ranking on page #1 of Google organically anyway ?

  1. It’s cheaper than buying traffic to your website via other means like sponsored ads from Google or Facebook or other websites.
  2. It lasts longer than an Advertisement
  3. The customers are “looking to buy” right now as they search for words like “buy insurance online”or “insurance providers Melbourne”

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