Aligning strategy to sales

Finding a clear path to sales success

Here’s what I know to be true – the most difficult and often most expensive part of strategy implementation is aligning the sales and go to market activities with a company’s strategies and goals.  The key is aligning the big picture strategy with ‘on the ground’ sales execution.”  Frank Cespedes, HBS

Our consulting approach focuses on delivering real commercial results and is based on lessons learnt at Harvard Business School studying under Frank Cespedes.

In summary, our approach to aligning strategy and sales involves a combination of:

  • A coherent strategy
  • A commercial focus on profitability
  • The right incentives
  • Recruiting and selecting the right people
  • Developing a performance culture
  • Sustainable and consistent on the ground sales behaviours
  • A relentless focus on the alignment of all of above

Pricing is based on scope and specific project requirements.