Digital marketing strategy and planning

Your businesses one stop digital shop

Going digital is necessary, and Businessary provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all your digital needs. From creating unique digital marketing strategies, building your web presence, content development, graphic design and social media we understand SMEs’ unique needs, and can provide tailored solutions based on your individual business requirements.

A digital marketing strategy is the starting point and core requirement for all Businessary digital marketing clients. We work together with you to tailor your strategy and plan to your unique business needs, applicable to your industry and customer requirements. You’ll then have an annual plan at hand that will guide your focus and marketing efforts to achieve your objectives.

Whilst referrals and word of mouth are crucial sources of new clients for many successful businesses, having a marketing plan outlining how you plan to spend your marketing budget is the best way to ensure you get a clear return on your marketing investment (MROI).

Unfortunately, more often than not small business leaders find themselves not knowing exactly how much they have spent on marketing and rarely can they tell you the return on investment they are getting for the marketing spend.  Sometimes the marketing spend is sponsoring the local sports team, sometimes it is flyers and brochures, or sometimes it is tickets for key customers to a sporting event like the Australian Open – regardless, very rarely can they confirm what sales have been achieved directly from the money spent on that channel.

The three core objectives of marketing activities is fundamentally the same regardless of the type of business you are in:

  1. To improve brand awareness
  2. To attract new clients
  3. To increase share of wallet/sales from current clients.

However, each objective requires a targeted sales and marketing strategy, utilising different channels to reap different rewards. The marketing channels that can be used to achieve these objectives are wide and varied – they may be brochures or collateral, they may be sponsorship, they may be advertising, or in recent years it may be a digital marketing strategy using various digital channels (e.g. website, social ,media, blogs, articles).

Talk to our digital marketing experts about your business, your marketing budget and your business goals and we can help you build a digital marketing strategy that provides a clear return on your investment. Find out more.