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Tailored HR solutions and online toolkits and templates for all types of businesses

Small to medium business leaders know more than anyone the need to find value in their expenses – but they also know they must protect and grow their most valuable asset, their employees.  For less than the cost of one HR employee, you can reap the benefits of an entire HR team with our HR solutions on offer.

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Looking to outsource your businesses HR needs is a big step.  The most common reasons to seek help that also support the bottom line are:

  • Cost savings – Outsourcing helps reduce the cost of maintaining a fully functional HR team including the office space and training costs. In addition, managing people incorrectly can be costly, and can lead to expensive legal and WorkCover issues – our advice can save you thousands alone in avoiding these costs!
  • Risk management – Employment laws change regularly, and it can be difficult to remain up-to-date on regulations that affect the workplace – let us keep you informed of changes that affect you and protect you from a lack of compliance.
  • Efficiency – Businesses without an HR function often find it is someone else’s part time job – by outsourcing your HR to the experts it allows you to spend less time on paperwork and HR administration and more time in the business.
  • Talent management – Outsourcing HR functions helps businesses better manage employee performance and development. Advising on employee performance and maximising a performance management framework helps grow and retain talent and exit safely underperforming people.

Businessary offers a variety of HR solutions to meet your business needs:

  1. Tailored HR packages – starting from a Bronze solution for start-up businesses, increasing to the Platinum package for businesses needing strategic and transformative HR change support, we have an HR solution to help your business needs.
  2. HR toolkits – available 24/7 from our online store. Our HR toolkits allow you to grow your internal HR solutions one step at a time based on the individual needs of your business. Starting with HR Fundamentals toolkit, this module includes over 40 frequently used HR documents, HR policies and HR templates as well as 5 hours of business HR advice at no extra cost!  Each additional specialised HR toolkit includes guides, templates and access to expertise to guide you through a successful implementation within your business.

Contact our team of experts to find a solution best fit to help your business, or visit the online store here.