Why get help

Business support solutions for your individual business needs

Our passion is to help bring businesses success through our advisory solutions. Businessary believes the two most crucial factors in business success are people and digital, and addressing your people management practices and your digital marketing solutions are crucial in addressing these crucial business risks. Businessary provides unique business, digital marketing & HR solutions to help SME businesses succeed for less than the cost of employing one extra person.

Why get business support?

The SME sector is the fastest growing sector in the Western world, however it also has the highest failure rate.  In Australia today $1.2M SME businesses employ over 63% of the Australian workforce. The top 5 risks to business success identified in a recent SME survey are:

  • Lack of management skills
  • Attracting and developing talent
  • Performance management
  • Poor sales results
  • Poorly executed change

However, despite all these people risks, 50% of business leader’s don’t seek help because ‘they do not know where to turn for support’.

Investing in strategic people management can mean the difference between a businesses success versus costly exposure or business failure.

If 84% of purchases go online prior to making a product or a service buying decision then how can you afford to not be online and utilising a digital channel to grow your business?

Consider this – what is the greater risk to an SME business – lose their top 10 clients or lose their top 10 employees?

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